Floating Pump manufacturer fire Pump seal form

Before the use of fire pump, only all aspects of the sealing work can be used, because the pump is mainly with the help of pressure and other forces to complete its pumping, suction and other work. One of the conditions for performing these operations is good sealing. If there is no good sealing, it is easy to leak, so the use of equipment will be affected. What are the pump seals for this equipment?

1. Packing seal: The Floating Pump manufacturer can be prevented by continuously injecting water at a certain pressure into the packing by pouring water into the shaft seal: For the impeller shaft seal is not suitable for the use of multistage series pump, need to use packing shaft seal, and packing shaft seal structure is simple, convenient maintenance, cheap price, so that people are easy to accept.


2, pay impeller seal: is operated by a reverse centrifugal force impeller force, so as to prevent the occurrence of slurry leakage. When the positive pressure value of the Pump inlet is smaller than the pressure value of the Pump outlet, the Floating Pump manufacturer single stage fire Pump or multistage Pump can use the auxiliary impeller shaft seal. Moreover, the auxiliary impeller shaft seal has the advantages of no dilution of the slurry, no need for shaft seal water, and good sealing effect. Therefore, dilution is prohibited in the slurry. This kind of seal can be considered.

3, mechanical sealing: usually used in the case of high sealing requirements.

These three groups of sealing forms have their own in common is strong sealing, in the use of fire pump, because the equipment is sealed, so there will not be other random impurities into the pump, choose the right sealing form can not only strengthen the seal of the pump, Floating Pump Manufacturer and prevent leakage.

Post time: Aug-25-2022